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Friday, April 12, 2013

Our Girl Sunflower's White Prime Alpaca Roving

100% Natural, lanolin free, no dyes added, incredibly soft with NO prickle factor, very clean, White Alpaca Roving from the 2012 prime blanket fleece of our alpaca Sunflower a Full Accoyo, Huacaya whose micron count at age 2 was 18.1; this blanket fiber is from age 4 and is Grade 3 "Fine" fiber.  It has been Mill washed, picked, carded and then processed into this beautiful white roving.

It is perfect for spinning either on a wheel or drop spindle, can be felted, dyed, woven, needle-felted or even used for doll hair.

Luxuriously soft yet strong; Alpaca is soft enough to be worn next to your skin and strong enough to make hats, gloves and socks.

Alpaca fiber is hollow and therefore, warmer than wool and will keep you comfortable on those cold days and nights.

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