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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spinning Lesson #2

I had practiced with the single plying –  spinning thicker yarns, thinner yarns, yarns with more twist and yarns with less twist. Now it was time to ply them together.

Jan also gave me a couple of different types of drop spindles to see which  I preferred;

and I purchased a top whorl spindle that I really liked on Etsy.

I am finding I really enjoy the ease of spinning and how relaxing and portable it really is.  It is amazing how the difference in the twist makes all the difference in the yarn.  (Oh so many ideas in my head!)

Jan had shown me how to spin 2 ply – that if your two single plys were spun in the clockwise direction (z) then when you spun the two together you needed to spin in the counter clockwise direction (s); and also spin 3 ply – again each single clockwise and then the three together counterclockwise.  

I was sent home with homework that involved spinning singles to get ready for the next weeks lesson which would be Andean and Navajo plying.

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