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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spinning Lesson #5 - The Last One

I showed up for this lesson with a gift for Jan.  My fiber was done at the processing Mill and my husband and I had picked it up during the weeks in between my lesson.  I had tried spinning some of the roving that was from the blanket of our alpaca Zinnia; which is considered the prime fiber. 

WHAT A DIFFERENCE from spinning blanket roving instead of seconds like I had been using.  I truly could not believe how easily it spun and how strong it was with just the single ply; but of course, I did Navajo ply it because, I REALLY like doing that.

I brought Jan 4 oz. of that roving; like she really needed any more roving - what a stash! - worse than my quilting fabric stash!

I sat down at Jan’s spinning wheel again and this time I did much better than the first time; I was able to get into the rhythm of the wheel and actually keep the fiber spinning.

I practiced on the carding machine again and created some thick batts; then Jan had a surprise for me – we made felt out of the batt – there goes my mind creating again!!!

Jan and I are becoming GREAT friends...

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