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Monday, December 8, 2014

My Sister's New Magnolia Pod Decorations

If you're a reader of my Linda's Blog you know how much I love pine-cones and decorating for the Christmas holidays with pine-cone trees and pine-cone baskets. ;Well, when my sister told me she thought wrapping her roving around magnolia pods and decorating them would make a wonderful Christmas ornament for her Rock Garden Alpacas Farm Store I had to ask what magnolia pods were. So she showed me during my last visit. I loved them.

Well, given my sister and I are never quite done with tweaking our creations she kept working on her magnolia pod ornaments until she had them just the way she liked them. She decided to add Angelina fibers, yarn, some dried berries, dried floral, silk floral and wire ribbon bows to them and the results, shown in the collage above and the pictures below, are just beautiful, I absolutely love them and think they make for adorable Christmas woodland ornaments. I hope you would agree.




All of the magnolia pods shown above are available in her Rock Garden Alpacas Farm Store.  If you're interested in purchasing them please contact her here or message her on Facebook here.

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