Monday, April 15, 2013

Spinning Lesson #3

This week Jan showed me Andean Plying – where the people in the Andes would wrap the newly spun yarn single around their hand in a way that both ends of the yarn would be accessible thus plying a single yarn into a two ply.

It was very interesting but I found myself more excited over the Navajo Plying – this was where you would spin your single ply yarn and then using your ball winder you would wind it off the spindle into a ball.  This could also be done using an empty paper towel or toilet paper roll and wrapping the yarn around that to make a ball. 

Next you take and tie an end of your yarn onto the spindle and create a loop that your hand can fit through.  You originally spun your single in a clockwise direction so you are now going to spin in a counterclockwise direction.  Reach through the loop and pull the single through til it forms a new loop and proceed to spin again; you are basically creating a chain and spinning.

This week’s homework was to practice the Navajo plying and to then spin 4 single plys clockwise (z), then take two of the singles and ply to the other 2 in a counterclockwise (s) direction while also applying much more twist. Then take those 2 2-plys and ply them together in a clockwise direction (z); this creates a “braided” ply that I find I also like VERY much.

Jan also showed me her carding machine and we carded some batts, (of course hers were much MUCH better than mine).  I was to take home the batts I made and spin from them.

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