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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

How To Cookie Cutter Needle Felt Free Tutorial and Free E-Book

NOTE: Felting Needles are EXTREMELY sharp - This project is not recommended for children without adult supervision. Please read all instructions before starting.

Please note the instructions provided herein are a general instruction into cookie cutter needle felting.

This kit includes all supplies you will need to make your design.  If the fiber provided is in roving form (long strands of fiber) simply pull it apart like you would cotton candy - Do not cut it.  Pull it apart so that it is all “fluffy” as shown in the pictures below:

If it is in batt form simply pull it apart to fluff it all up as shown below:

NOTE:  Some fiber in this kit may already be pulled apart for you and will only need to be fluffed.


Supplies you will need:

Cookie Cutter
Needle felting needle
Block of foam
Fiber in either roving form or batt form
Small pair of scissors

Place the cookie cutter on top of your block of foam.

Start by fluffing the fiber that you will be using in your cookie cutter design - once fluffed stuff it into the cookie   1cutter so it is pretty full.

Now take your needle.  CAUTION: The needle is very sharp! Always keep your fingers away from where you will be working with the needle.  It is a good idea to keep your needle “parked”  in the foam when not in use - as shown in the above picture.

 While holding the outside edge of the cookie cutter with one hand start poking the  needle straight up and down into the fiber inside.  (You are now needle felting !) There is no wrong way to do this - poke all over - just make sure that it is in a up and down motion; otherwise the needle can break.

Keep doing this until the fiber starts to flatten evenly  inside the cookie cutter - make sure to go around the  inner edge of the cookie cutter as well.  Add more fiber as needed to even it out.

Once you have started to flatten the fiber you will need to flip the cookie cutter over with the fiber inside.  While holding the cookie cutter slip your fingers underneath and gently pull up on the cutter and the fiber - it will be slightly embedded in the foam - flip the two over making sure to stuff the fiber back inside the cookie cutter.

Repeat needle felting with the needle as you did before - making sure to get around the inside edges of the cookie cutter as well - you will notice that your design will begin to take shape as the fiber is felting.

You will need to flip the two over several times. (If you do not do this the fiber will felt itself into the foam block) Once you have reached the thickness you want remove the design from the cookie cutter.


While holding the design in one hand VERY CAREFULLY needle felt around the outer edges to poke the stray pieces of fiber in and firm up any areas that need definition.  Using a set of small scissors - trim off any  excess fibers.

(Please note 1 hand was used to take pictures in some of the photos above that require two hands)

Now you are ready to decorate your design any way you want or simply leave it plain.  A small amount of fiber will go a long way when decorating.  Needle felting is very forgiving when decorating your design - if you are not   happy with it - simply pull it off!

Take a small amount of fiber rolled between your hands and needle felt it onto the star to outline the border - overlapping the pieces as you go along the edge; if you do not like the border simply pull it up and off.

There is no right or wrong way - let your imagination run wild to create your unique design!

When done thread a piece of embroidery thread or a ribbon onto a needle and poke it through the top center of your design so that you can hang it where ever you want.

Have Fun!!!

Should you have any questions - please feel free to contact me at

I also created a .PDF "How To Cookie Cutter Needle Felt" free e-book for this as well.

How To Cookie Cutter Needle Felt Free E-Book

To view and download my free e-book please CLICK HERE. You'll be brought to Google Drive where you can view our free e-book. Then just download our free .pdf e-book from the File menu in the upper left hand corner.

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